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why should you use google analytics
Google Analytics is one of the most sought-after digital analytics programs.Google’s web analytics free service lets you look at in depth the number of users who come to your website.It gives valuable information that will help you design the successful strategy for your company.Today, most companies have an online presence via websites. It is crucial to understand the structure of your site to check if it’s serving its goals or not.In order to do this, you have to be aware of what your visitors do when they come to your site, how long they are on your site, and they are browsing on your site.Irrespective of whether or not you are an eCommerce website or a blog that is informative You should be aware of and analyze your visitors behaviour to provide higher-quality outcomes.Below are a few of the reasons to use Google Analytics to gain better insight into your site’s performance and your site’s visitors.
  1. It’s completely free
  2. You’ve heard the phrase “There are no free meals.” However, with regard to Google Analytics, it is not true. Google doesn’t charge you any fee for using Google Analytics. There is no need to pay anything to utilize this software. In these ways allow you to put a substantial amount of your budget into other essential resources. Additionally it gives you essential information, figures and stats which you require to boost the performance of your website for no cost.

  3. Automated collection of data
  4. Google Analytics has a feature that makes it easier to complete the tasks required to enter Google Analytics data into Google Docs Sites, Sites, as well as Spreadsheets.All you have to do is create the Google Analytics account and copy the code to your site.This allows Google Analytics to start collecting data automatically from your website and then create reports accordingly. You need to take absolutely nothing to access the information. Google Analytics does all the work for you. You are able to get your reports instantly without delay. Google Analytics’s feature Google Analytics not only saves your time, but allows you to access immediately the data. This means you’ll be able to quickly implement strategies to ensure more efficient performance of your site.

  5. You can design a custom report
  6. You can design a custom report The custom report can be described as one which you make.Within Google Analytics Google Analytics, you are able to select from the various report created by Google Creates or design your custom report by with the drag and drop interface.You can select the metrics and dimensions, then decide on how they will display.

    To make a Custom Report:

    1. Sign into Google Analytics
    2. Go to your preferred view
    3. Click Customization, then choose Reports in the dropdown menu
    4. Type in the Title
    5. Click +Add a report Tab (Optional)
    6. Choose the report type you want to use: Explorer, Flat Table or Map Overlay
    7. Define your dimensions and metrics
    8. Click + Filter to limit the report to certain sizes (Optional)
    9. Select the location where the report will appear. Select the drop-down menu to choose particular views, or choose all views that are that are associated with this account to permit the report to be displayed on every view that you are able to access.
    10. Click Save
  7. Integration into other platforms and tools
  8. Another unique characteristic that is unique to Google Analytics is that it is able to be integrated easily with other platforms and tools.Like all Google service, Google Analytics presents a simple and easy-to-use interface.It not only works very well on desktops however, it’s also an extremely usable Smartphone and Tablet via its application in Google Play Store. Google Play Store.Google Analytics also has an incredibly powerful connection to Google AdWords.When you connect your AdWords account to Analytics, you connect two tools, enabling both to function together.The combined effort will give you concrete information that will help you to improve the successful execution of your AdWords campaigns.This means that you can utilize Google Analytics on all of your devices, and seamlessly transfer information to other Google products such as Google AdWords and Google Search Console.

  9. Ability to assess the internal search engine results
  10. The inside of the site shows what customers might be looking to find after visiting your site. It also highlights the areas of growth opportunities by revealing situations in which certain scenarios are unclear or missing on your website. Fortunately, Google Analytics allows you to track internal search results with a little Customization. By utilizing this feature of internal search on your site, you will gain a better understanding of the things people are searching for on your site. With this information you will be able to make changes or add-ons to boost the performance of your website. You may also modify your website’s navigation as well as product/service deals.

  11. To figure out why your visitors bounce off your site.
  12. Bounce Rate can be among the most crucial metrics that refers to the percentage of people who leave your site after just one visit.In addition it is vital to cut down on the rate to as low as is possible.Many companies receive huge traffic but don’t have enough conversions.It means that users are visiting your website but they aren’t finding the information they’re trying to find. This can result in a higher bounce rate.The high rate of bounce requires immediate action to determine the cause.Yet, Google Analytics provides a an in-depth report on the websites that have the highest bounce rates.A reason behind a the high bounce rate might be due to your website not properly optimized or your landing page isn’t appealing enough to convince users to sign for an account.So, by reading the in-depth analysis of bounce rate it is possible to find methods and ways to reduce the bounce rate on your site.

  13. To determine the gender, age or interest, device and geographical location of your Audience.
  14. Utilizing Google Analytics, you can find valuable information about your audience to figure out which channels are driving the most traffic to your site.the Audience area contains many details about the visitors to your site, including their gender, age and interests, as well as their devices and their geographical location.It also provides information on how people came to your site.

    1. Age
    2. It’s one of the most reliable indications of when your audience spends the majority of their time. The average age for your website’s audience can help you optimize your website in line with this.

    3. Gender
    4. The gender distinction helps in describing your audience. The gender of the audience is a significant factor in the way they communicate and interact online.

    5. Interests
    6. By using Google Analytics, you can easily discern your audience’s desires and then optimize your website according to their needs.

    7. Devices
    8. Google Analytics also gives you an overview of the type of device they’re using. This information can assist in making your site more responsive across different devices. In addition but with Google Analytics, you can as well see the type of tablet or smartphone your customers use.

    9. Place
    10. Understanding the location of your customers can help you develop marketing strategies that are based on your physical locations of potential customers. The geolocation feature in Google Analytics not only lets you know the location from which your visitors are arriving from, but also the city the city they are in and the language they are using.

  15. To determine which social media platforms to be targeting
  16. Social media platforms can be a Social media platforms can be a fantastic way to get lots of traffic and connect with prospective customers. In Google Analytics, you have access to observe what attracts the attention of the viewers and then position the advert in line with the attention-grabbing content. To determine the best way to reach your clients, you have to set aside a substantial budget to cover social media advertising. For instance In the event that you observe the highest amount of customer engagement on Facebook and a significant amount of traffic coming from Twitter and other social media platforms, then based on the data you have, you should create a larger budget for Facebook and less on Twitter to attract greater numbers of customers. Through Google Analytics, you can evaluate the performance of each of the social networks you’re using. You can also determine the amount of the conversion value of each platform provides, how much traffic comes via social referrals, and the number of people talking about you.

  17. To determine what type of content you need to write
  18. Content has become the most important thing and, if it is created with a lot of care it can allow you to gain a greater amount of visitors and traffic.Content that is well-written is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers. this is the reason why many businesses have blogs, infographics, as well as slides that add value to the customers you serve.Google Analytics helps you to keep track of the content that is viewed and shares. This information will help you can improve the most visited blogs to attract your customers more effectively.Google Analytics generates a report of the number of pages that each post on your website receives.You are able to modify the most popular blog to bring additional traffic.

  19. To determine if you’re reaching your targets
  20. The objectives of Google Analytics help you to monitor how your company is growing and moving forward.It is also possible to assign different goals that assist you in tracking your customers’ journey based on the actions they take. There could be a variety of purposes, such as making an purchase, filling out an lead generation form and subscribing newsletters and downloading eBooks. Imagine a visitor is new on your landing page and completes the required form with an email address. The visitor has just accomplished a goal that you have set. So, with this data your site has converted visitors into customers and thus enhancing the growth of your business.

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